Our wholesale Journey

During the early 2000's - K&D opened our doors to the world. Introducing outstanding service and excellent craftsmanship to our customers. Ever since then, Khaki & Dust has been working hand in hand with our customers to tailor every product to their satisfaction.

Our Manufacturing journey first began just as an idea and transformed into Khaki & Dust as we know it today - working only with the finest materials and leathers to provide luxurious products.

K&D has acquired over a decade of knowledge in the wholesale industry and only recently dabbled into online retailing.

Our mission is to create an exemplary projects by collaborating closely.

Within Khaki and Dust, we craft with natural cotton canvas, with endless design opportunities. Our leather is produced by partner tanneries which provides us with only the finest materials.

Our products are fitted with the most prominent quality zippers and metal accessories.
These fittings are elegant in their simplicity and complement the enjoyment of ownership of every one of the pieces we make. 

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