Who we are

We have attempted to capture the romance of these halcyon days of adventure under the African sky in Khaki & Dust. We wish to deliver an experience in product quality that epitomises the boundless sensuality of Africa. An inspiring odyssey that awakens the senses - visual, tactile, textual, evocative, aural and the sixth element... spiritual.


Africa is a land of incredible diversity and almost inconceivable contrasts, with its colourful cultural splendours, its famine, its drought and internecine battles. It is also a beautiful, vital continent with the most wonderful climate and an abundance of exotic resources.

Khaki & Dust is derived to exude the essence of Africa's richness, its history and its soul. The finest leathers, natural cotton canvas combined with the solid metal fittings moulded from the ore which has been harvested from the soil of Africa. Our trained craftsmen hand-make the products, blending the different material elements together to create the essence of the legend of Khaki & Dust.


The Process

Find Out How Your Khaki & Dust items come to be.

Materials & Substances

A variety of Materials and substances are used to create the essence of K&D.

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